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Monday, May 27, 2013


Bukak mata. Hari ni hari isnin. 7.55 pagi. Hari ni kelas start at 12 in the noon. Haha. I’m gathering my thought =,=

I was thinking if I am still in my school days as I dream of my best friends back in the school. Ahhh, rindu betul zaman tu. Entah kenapa, sejak akhir akhir ni selalu rindu dia orang. Teringat masa form 3 dulu selalu rajin nak masak and bawak makanan dari rumah and makan ramai-ramai. Sekarang macam takde sape untuk buat macam tu.

I feel at distance from my friends nowadays – due to different ideologies. Hahaha. Kawan-kawan dulu tak obsess dengan budak lelaki. LOL. Since we are from sekolah agama, none of us suka flirt-flirt dengan budak lelaki ni. Now I have to listen to all kind of stories about errr. Is it okay for me to write this? Can I be honest? Err, nowadays if you want to get along, you have to count the boys in. which is SOMETIME uncomfortable.

Kawan-kawan dulu, by being with them you feel at peace and all. Kawan-kawan sekarang tends to leave me to my own – since I’m weird hahahaha. Boleh pulak mengaku tu diri sendiri pelik =,= can anyone guide me? Err this journey seems too long and I’m suddenly feeling tired.

And in life sometimes you arrive at some indecisive points huh.

Sometimes I still wonder, would my life be different now if I went to same place with them back then. If I completed my STAM instead of coming for PASUM. If I choose to continue in USIM instead of UM. Hurrrrr.

And as you walk in your journey – alone now – you encounter another indecisive point.

-what project should you do in the next semester. Should I do the one I want or should I do the one that I really want.

-should I take short sem or not. Hahaha. Gedik pula nak ambil short sem lepas tu tak reti nak buat keputusan.

Making decision is always this hard. When you have mum that will say “suka hati kau la” to everything that you ask her =,=

Anyway, I’m missing my frienddddddddddd. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kan best kalau esok bangun pagi, dia orang are standing at my door and say thing like “okay get up now, jom pergi picnic!” and I will be like “yeaaaaaaaayyy. Jommm!” and I’m gonna run around the block as I’m excited hahahaha. But they won’t right? Sebab most of them still have classes. Sobs. And I wonder if they even read this belog busuk anymore. And they won’t know which one is my door since they never ask what’s my room number pun. Hahaha.

So faham tak kaitan ‘indecisive’ dengan ‘missing my friend’? haha. Takde kaitan pun. I’m just missing them too much nowadays. LOL. 

pic: raya tahun lepas but not everybody were there.
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I need all! haha ;)
guess I can't go to USIM huh though the probability of encountering 'that person' is only  0.0000000001%