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Friday, May 31, 2013

Afraid of trying new things and you are really not the persistent type.

Of course I have been sitting on a bicycle before, but I have never cycled it. Afraid to fall off the bike. I blame those who don’t have time to teach me. And so I gave up learning.

I’ve never let my hands off from the edge of the pool, and so I never swam.

I’ve never been on a roller coaster before. I wonder why.

I can’t catch the netball and thus I gave up every kind of sport involving ball. I blame my reflex action which has always been late 0.06 milliseconds as compared to other people. Okay exaggerate je 0.06 milliseconds tu.

I also gave up on badminton as I can’t see where the shuttlecock is flying to. My eyes are influenced by the reflex action. Yeahh they are made of the same gene. Budak gemok also gave up in teaching me.

My resume has been rejected once. And so I never try again. Uhuhh saya tak pernah kerja part time. *batuk*

You know the tarzan rope jumping where you would cross a river to get at the other side? During my camping time, I am the only one who fall into the stinky river (not so river lah. Macam longkang pun ada) and so I gave up every camping activity where there might be a possibility to do this kind of things.

I guess I lack of compliments since I was little. People say compliments can even make an elephant dance. What if there is someone to say “it’s okay faherah. You can do better another time”, “let’s practice until you get it”. Things might have turn out differently.

I have been doing a lot of things alone since I was little and so I am afraid to try new things by myself. I wonder if this have anything to do with my introversion =,=

People who hates me will say, “kau ni belajar je pandai”

Hahaha yes. Sebab itu je benda yang saya reti buat maka saya bersungguh-sungguh . A lot of people think that my A grade is very enviable, but I sometimes think that I might have sold my soul to the devil in return of the good grades – which I’m not gonna think so.

But since I am a positive, smart and bright little girl since then (ambuihh melebih tak puji diri sendiri) I take my weaknesses as my uniqueness. You can’t do sports, you are afraid of a lot of things but you are creative, good at doing the things that you like, can push yourself up the boundaries if you want it and you are also cute when you are smiling. That is what I have been telling myself hahahaha except the cute part =,=

And so my mum has been telling me for like 9302 times for me to apply my driving license. Hahaha. And so I am hesitating to take it BY MYSELF since I am AFRAID of trying new things. Huwwwwwaaaaaa. Kelakar jugak diri sendiri ni bila fikir-fikir balik.  Hell man you are turning 21 in 19 days and you have no driving license??!! Whatthefruit. (turning 21 in 19 days – ini adalah satu hint hahahaha)

Thus I am hoping that Allah will send me a husband that will teach me those things I can’t do by myself and complement the incomplete me. Haha I don’t care if I’m doing my first ride on a bike my husband-whom-I-do-not-even-know. Very romantic maaaaaaa muahahahaha. *gila* blushing pulak bila membayangkan. Haha.

So before the anticipated ‘husband’ arrives, saya akan terus bersungguh-sungguh dalam belajar. Haha. Resolution apakah ini. -,-

Ya saya tahu saya comel kalau saya senyum. hahahahaha. *pangggg!
err that is an awkward smile anyway.

study week sudah bermula.
doakan saya bukak luggage saya yang penuh nota-nota tu.
doakan jugak saya dapat husband seperti yang di atas tu. teehee.