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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Very UNSIGNIFICANT update here.

Hey I’m back. Very cliché introduction aite hahaha.

Dah sebulan dah cuti baru nak update. Busy lah kan kononnya. First half of the month, berebut tv dengan budak gemok – for the sake of the satisfaction of watching various kind of Korean drama on bigger screen. Err and Japanese too. And then the second half of the month, hooked with detective conan manga as I’m trying to finish all chapter that I haven’t read before. Hahaha. Bayangkan lah 800++ chapter. I’m currently at 400++. Grrr depressed dengan hobi yang tak mempamerkan kefemininan pun ==”

I didn’t even step out of the house for a month hahaha. Sila bayangkan kulat dan cendawan dah tumbuh atas kepala. True story - Except for the kulat and cendawan.

And I didn’t have any significant thing to update here. Yeaah. Saya tak dapat duduk kolej – rejected and I’m feeling dejected wuhuuu ohyeah! Dan pelajar-pelajar UM sekarang semua ada bakat nak jadi hacker – trying to korek-korek the exam result that has not been officially announced. Of course I’ve already knew mine. Bukan empat rata pun. Tapi.. ahh tunggu official result lah. HAHAHA. Dan hilal asyraf dah menjadi suami orang. Hahaha ß this is very unsignificant aite ==”

And I’m getting weird dream lately. Being loved back by the guy I love? Named botak? HAHAHAHA. That’s really weird kan. And I can’t help but laugh thinking who the heck is botak. Hmpphh. Dan jugak mimpi of making deduction – yeah put all those blame to the meitantei conan manga. And of course reading that kind of manga has driven wild thought into me – the thought of killing people! Hahaha scared dengan myself.  Grrr is this even significant?

And I’m getting eager to be in the 3rd semester. The syndrome that often risen as the effect of too much holiday. I kept revising next sem timetable, the subject I’ll take and the lecturers I’ll encounter. Haha. Very eager nampaknya. And for those yang bakal jadi junior saya sem depan, tahniahlaaa. Untung tau dapat senior tak normal macam ni. Hahaha.

Dah sampai di sini saja update yang tak penting ini. Saya mahu sambung my unfeminine hobby. Mana tahu kalau tak kerja O&G nanti, boleh kerja jadi detektif ke. *berangan* this is the same when I had the lyrics writing and playing keyboard as my hobby. Often has this thought - Mana tahu boleh jadi composer ke. And when my hobby is that sewing-the-plushie-thingie – mana tahu boleh bukak bisnes ke. In the end, Hobby is just a hobby. And me is still the unsignificant me.

photo: credit to marelyn telun
precisely 1 month plus 2 days ago.

and the last payper.
1 month minus 3 days ago.

And this unsignificant me is actually lost.
Lost in the middle of nowhere.
As if I’m in the wide ocean.
Drifted by the wave.
In a hole-less and paddle-less boat.
Afraid to swim. And afraid to wait.
Wait – do I even know to swim?
Does someone will ever save me?
Yeah I’m lost in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t mind.
This is also the effect of too much holiday.

Selamat berpuasa.
Selamat mencari keredhaan Tuhan.
Selamat mencari diri yang hilang.
Remember. the soul also need to be fed, people!