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Saturday, May 26, 2012

InLOVEwithMonochrome #02 - geologist 002 [and the best test ever! tak tipu punya]

And hereby I declare, you have just finished your role as the freshie ohyeaaah. ahh awal sangat ni - final pun belum lagi hewhew. 

Anyway, the ending of second semester was good. solat hajat at the department and all - mana lagi nak dengar tazkirah lepas maghrib versi geology given by the senior kan kan kaaaaaannn. (and get to know rupanya your senior ada jugak yang boleh bagi tazkirah - selama ni cuma tahu yang dia ada rupa je lalalalala) And though second semester ni banyak benda yang terjadi, M, you know what I'm talking about - broken heart and all HAHAHA. tapi second semester ni saya belajar a lot through life jugak. Get to embrace every little things that enhance our life weuhuuuu!

the very last week and; 

  • I got a very tolerable marks for the mineralogy test yang saya tak jawab tiga soalan semata-mata sebab saya lupa nak flip the test paper. accepting the facts yang saya baru je bazirkan soalan yang senang - redha. but Tuhan gave me more than I thought I could have. Alhamdulillah.

  •  I hate the presentation very the meucch. I thought that I will be the black sheep of the group. but the lecturer said that my presentation was very good - on how I interact with the audience. lol. walaupun darah gemuruh saya masih belum diubati.

  • awkward people just did not awkward anymore. HAHA. too much to thank Allah for.

and the last class test for the semester was too kewl hahaha. for the paper geostatistics. kewl in the way that;

you can use whatever you have - the books, lecture notes, laptop, statistical table but just no talking.

the real open book test maaaaan. bukan setakat open book lah, open laptop semua. but because of the rule no OPEN MOUTH, we just OPEN FACEBOOK and discuss there. lol. this is too kewl <-- confessing the crime in her own blog. takpe, Dr Sam tidak membaca blog ini bukankah? XD

siap bawak mouse bagai. distracting tahu bunyi klik klik itu.
nak kira homogeneity of variance pun tak concentrate HAHA.

nah soalan bocor. mana tahu ada junior google soalan ke.
mana tahu kalau-kalau setiap sem pun soalan sama je ke. heww

and of course this happen. talking though it is forbidden. HAHA

and another bukti haha - we're dead meats if dr Sam read this. but he won't right? naaaaah~

and you can even berangan to update your blog in the middle of the test
untunglaahh siap jawab awal har har har

favourite shot of the week

uuuu dimple mahal tuuuue

and final is coming.

for those people;

that drive you to LRT everytime you're going back home.
and drive you everytime you want to eat outside.
and willing to drop you though she's not even early for her own class.
and tak pernah kesah if you ask her for groceries shopping.

that drive you back to the college everytime after you finish your class.
though you always make fuss about the helmet.
and how you always complain that skirt and jubah with a scooter will never be a good combination.
and touch your heart that she actually appreciate the jubah that you gave her.

that gives you advices though on the very little stupid things.
and went to the library together sambil seludup bawak masuk kuih-muih
and eat with you in the library while hiding from the cctv. bahahh macam ni ke pelajar UM
and even walk with you to cross the road just because you are too afraid to cross the road by yourself. HAHA

for the time we spend eating together like a family
the sushi king, secret recipe, spaghetti farm, seoul garden, gellato fruity,
until the very anticipated bubur selection every petang at the cafe
(makan je keje patut pun gemuk hahaha)

"nanti nak ikut buat solat dhuha jugaklah"

"hope aku akan jadi the better person with this jubah"

"kau lah kawan first yang pernah tengok aku nangis macam ni"

for every little words that touch your heart.

for the strength and joy that these people gave me,
the acceptance and trust;
Tuhan, help them through their life - the final especially.
guide us with your love inshaAllah.
guide us with your rahmah and hidayah.
give them more than what they gave me
aamiin aamiin ya Rabbal alamin