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Friday, May 4, 2012

InLOVEwithMonochrome #01 - geologist 001

mode : monochrome + green filter + pancake lens

*Getting scolded when people-people doesn't have mood to get featured early-early in the morning
**But still take their pictures anyway hihihi
***Thank-iss for being wonderfeeuul snap-fun subjects alias part-time memory card filler
****Snapping for fun. Doesn't have time to improve any skills. blame those 5-marks assignments
*****Let theusss mahal camera does his workss anyway. the owner is very-tak-ada-masa to improve her skill hewhew

tried to escape. and FAILED.

grrrrr the sun-glare!

theuss smile of the creature *ehemm* that failed to escape the lens


guesswho #01

guesswho #02

the-five-ringgit-snap *nah ameklaa lima ringgit ni hewhew*

guesswho #03

hungry people

the five-marks assignment

trying to escape

still trying to escape

still didn't realize

a warning

thought that I've stopped


I will follow youuuu

I really really will follow youuuu

and that's the last.

non hado gambaq sendirik. hikhikhik.
Made a promise to someone to reduce the amount of self-picture uploaded. Reduceee.
Torn apart between getting snapped beautifully (I repeat, BEAUTIFULLYYY) by the Nikon1 and to restrain yourself from uploading them.

err, that's why I upload theirs? hehehe, miau!

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seandainya dunia tiada warna
tetap kan ku kagumi
suhaimi - kias cinta