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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 14 – Who are you? [read my name tag. HERE. It reads ‘BUNBUN’. Ohh you’re blind =,=]

bunbun bukan buntal =,=

Nama diberi NOOR FAHERAH HIDAYAH BT AHMAD TAMIZI DAN FARDIAH with double O in the noor and no R in the TAMIZI.

She HATES when people pronounce and spell her name wrongly

Nama diberi oleh kawan-kawan, BUNBUN, and she calls herself bunbun mereng kepala teleng.

Shopping alone and food makes her happy for the time being.

Kissing cats’ lips and belly is her hobby

Money spent for the past two month only, over RM 500 which she didn’t actually know what happened to those money.

Favourite chocolate: milky bar milk and cookies dan Cadbury fruit and nut ooh dan juga kit kat bytes dan nestle zip perisa mango

When people bought her other chocolate than Cadbury fruit and nut, she often eat it with raisins. LOTS AND LOTS OF RAISINS.

When she eats, she will finish up first the one that she is less interested with – THE VEGGIES. Tapi kalau batang sayur tu campak tepi je dengan ucapan “kau tak sedap werrrrrrkkk”

Favourite subject during school: history and chemistry because she seldom fall asleep during the classes (this is one of her biggest achievement)

Reading more comics than magazine, novel and newspaper is her specialty.

She wears her spectacles 24/7 except when showering and ambil wuduk.

Life Principe = Internet + blogging > makan > tidur > mandi

Fails at almost sport except in chuzzle deluxe and sally saloon

No good when it comes to vehicle. She can’t ride a bicycle. She have no licence and apparently she only knows kancil and wira. yanglainapapuntakbleh

Aahh aku fail nak tulis menda baek baek pasal aku. Cemana kalau bakal mak mertua baca blog ni.



ibnubaba_04 said...

oh..baru aku tau..ko ni bunbun mereng kepala teleng ye..haha

kAyShaari said...

bunbun is a cute blogger who always make me smile when reading her blog :)

suweet x i describe u? hehek;p

kesumaharyani said...

cik bunbun, cuti ni buat apa je?

chemay said...

banyak nye infooo
nak panggil bunbun je

bunbun said...


haha baru taw ek

bunbun said...


aku mimpike apa ni? haha

bunbun said...


duk umah, blaja masak, apdet blog, buli kucing. heee~

bunbun said...


bunbun yg comey ke ape ni? huahua